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You can live with greater ease, connection, and joy.
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Release struggle. Find peace.

Do you find it challenging to trust yourself and your decisions?

Do you struggle to honor your feelings and acknowledge your needs?

Do you yearn for deeper connection and ease within yourself or your relationships?

Do you long to trust that you can navigate life's ups and downs?

Living with self-doubt, self-defeating thoughts and beliefs, and challenging relational patterns is incredibly painful. And, when the internal struggles you face express themselves in your external life, those challenges can feel multiplied.

As the saying goes, it is within yourself where the key to the resolution and relief you seek resides. However, it can be confusing and difficult to access the state of being you long for when you don't know how or have the tools to do so.

This is where mindfulness-based, mind-body therapies such as Somatic Experiencing and hypnotherapy can support you. They allow you to gently address the painful areas inside so that you can cultivate greater ease within yourself. They allow you to experience the peace, connection, and joy you long for.

Why Somatic Experiencing and hypnotherapy?

Somatic Experiencing and hypnotherapy can help you restore comfort in your body, and ease in your life.

Many times, painful thoughts, emotions, or behaviors we are experiencing developed as coping skills in response to difficult life experiences in the past. When the coping skills were established, they somehow served us. However, as we mature and no longer live in those experiences, we find that the habits that once helped us have outlived their usefulness.

Somatic Experiencing utilizes your connection with your body and the information it shares to support nervous system regulation.

Hypnotherapy includes the use of relaxation, imagery, and positive affirmation to address your subconscious mind and support changes in your inner dialogue and your relationship with yourself.

Together, Somatic Experiencing and hypnotherapy allow you to cultivate a mindful presence and compassionate relationship with yourself. As you develop a compassionate and supportive relationship with yourself, not only are you are open to new possibilities that allow you to enjoy greater freedom and ease in your connections with yourself, but you'll also experience that with others, and the world.


With Somatic Experiencing and hypnotherapy you can

Release stress and tension

  • Restore nervous system regulatory capacity
  • Feel more comfortable and content
  • Release outworn habits and patterns
  • Address the impacts of trauma
  • Acknowledge your needs
  • Honor your innate value
  • Connect more deeply with your intuition
  • Feel more peaceful within yourself
  • Move forward in your life

Hello, I'm Jennifer.

I provide counseling and mindfulness-based, mind-body therapies such as Somatic Experiencing and hypnotherapy sessions for individuals who are longing for a deeper connection within themselves and with others, and those who are yearning to create greater peace, creativity, and joy in their lives.

My therapeutic approach is gentle, and I will tailor your sessions to your needs and goals. I combine various mind-body tools such as Somatic Experiencing, hypnotherapy, and Cellular Release Therapy (a hypnotherapy-like modality that specifically addresses the impacts of trauma) to support you through the therapy process. Together we will honor your body's wisdom and timing to allow you to move forward toward your goals.

If you're yearning to experience greater peace, connection, or joy in your life and want to learn more about the services I offer, please read through the services page.

If you'd like to schedule an appointment, I'd be honored to speak with you.

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Kind Words from Lovely Clients

I cannot speak more highly of the work Jennifer offers to others, and will confidently recommend her services to anyone and everyone looking to learn, grow, and connect mind and body to any extent. 

I honestly don’t have the adequate words to explain how the trauma inside of me has expelled some of itself and energy has shifted.

…the moment we started working I felt welcomed, safe, validated and acknowledged and that is where the true healing started.

I was trying to figure out what the difference was between last year and this and then I realized that it was the cellular trauma release that I did with you that made the HUGE difference.

Just wanted to say, that I have felt nothing but immense peace since our session. 



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Office Location:

512 E 9th St

Suite B

Lawrence, KS 66044

(785) 760. 7259

My office is above Culinaria restaurant on the corner of 9th and New Jersey. Come in through the front door of the restaurant. There is a door on the right that says, "Lawrence Healing Space."  Come in through that door and up the stairs. I'll meet you in the common area at the time of your appointment.

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