Hello, I'm Jennifer.

I'm so glad you are here. I know it takes courage to seek out support. Welcome.

Living on planet Earth right now is an intense experience. So many of us are working to step out of painful intergenerational patterns so that we can live an authentic life that is in alignment with the truth of our being. And we're doing it as we're also navigating a rapidly changing environment. This is where I see my work can come into play  - to support you in nervous system regulation through the process of healthy, authentic individuation.

Clients that I work with are individuals who are moving through life changes, those who are addressing nervous system dysregulation (many times due to trauma), and those who are addressing painful relational dynamics.

In our work together, I will not assume that I know what is best or right for you. You are the sovereign authority in  your life. I will support you in discovering what works for you, according to your values and needs.

I see that each of us is on our own hero or heroine's journey, making our way "home" to the true nature of who we are. In this light, any life experience you have - whether pleasant and enjoyable or painful and traumatic - can be a portal to more intimately knowing yourself and your needs. And it is from this understanding that I offer transformational therapeutic tools for awakening and embodiment.

I feel that the closer we can be - to our own truth, to the felt experience of the body and emotions, and to the Great Mystery that breathes and moves us - the more we are open to experiencing purpose and joy. It is my hope that this is what I offer in the services I provide - a pathway home to yourself, held in the palm of unconditional compassion and love.

If the services I offer speak to you, I'd be honored to work together.


My education has included:

  • 2024 - Austin Vocal Psychotherapy Certification with Diane Austin through the Music Psychotherapy Center, NYC
  • 2022 - HealthRhythms Facilitator Training through Remo
  • 2022 - Master of Music Education (Emphasis in Music Therapy) at the University of Kansas
  • 2021 - Foundations of a Polyvagal Informed Practice training through the Polyvagal Institute
  • 2020 - Tuning Relationships with Music training with Vivianne Colegrove, PhD
  • 2018 - Somatic Experiencing Practitioner through the Somatic Experiencing Training Institute
  • 2018 - Gestalt Therapeutic Process Practitioner from the Pennsylvania Gestalt Center
  • 2014 - Women's Leadership Training with Awakening Women Institute
  • 2010 - Accelerated Healing and Pain Management Certification through Hypnotherapy Academy of America
  • 2010 - Blissborn Hypnotherapy Certification through the Hypnotherapy Academy of America
  • 2008 - Cellular Release Therapy through the Colorado Coaching and Hypnotherapy Training Institute
  • 2008 - Hypnobirthing Fertility Certification through the Hypnobirthing Institute
  • 2006 - Past Life Regression Therapy Certification through the Colorado School of Counseling Hypnotherapy
  • 2006 - Whole Health Hypnotherapy Certification through the Colorado School of Counseling Hypnotherapy
  • 2001 - Usui Reiki Level 1 Attunement
  • 1999 - Bachelor of Music Therapy at Phillips University
  • 1995 - Associate of Arts at Cottey College