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Rhythms of Connection

Six-Week Program Begins January 29, 2024

Finding your way into connection - connection with yourself, an environment you enjoy, a community in which you feel you belong - is the foundation for a meaningful life.

This HealthRhythms group drumming series will focus on supporting you in exploring and working with your innate internal rhythms as they relate to connection. Each week, the drumming experiences will explore a different topic and will include:

  • Connection to Self
  • Connection to Nature
  • Connection to Home
  • Connection to Important Others
  • Connection to Purpose
  • Connection to Your Vital Life Force


HealthRhythms® is a fun and no-prior-musical-training-needed group drumming program that allows you to utilize hand-drumming as a pathway for self-empowerment while enjoying camaraderie and social support through active group music making. Drums are provided, and you're welcome to bring your own.

HealthRhythms® is not therapy, nor is it a therapy group. Rather, it s a personal growth and empowerment program that follows a sequence of practices that allows you to explore and experience

  • Nurturing/Support
  • Camaraderie
  • Self-expression
  • Exercise
  • Guided Imagery
  • Spirituality
  • Music-making

Each program will consist of six sessions and will center around a theme or topic. Drums are provided, and you are welcome to bring your own!

Regulating Rhythms

6 Week Program

Late Spring 2024 (April or May Dates TBD)

This HealthRhythms group drumming series will focus on supporting you in exploring and working with your innate internal rhythms.

To inform our six-week group drumming series, I will be drawing on the information of the polyvagal theory. The polyvagal theory, a theory of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), was developed by Stephen Porges. The theory explains how the ANS scans for cues of safety and danger to help us navigate our daily experiences. The polyvagal theory describes three distinct branches of the ANS that help us navigate our experiences. Each branch of the ANS produces a distinct state. We move through each of the three states as we go about our day.

The three branches of the autonomic nervous system are

  • Dorsal vagal branch  - the dorsal vagal branch of the ANS is responsible for states of conservation or collapse. This state is commonly referred to as the "rest and digest" state.
  • Sympathetic branch - the sympathetic branch of the ANS is responsible for producing the energy needed for movement. The sympathetic branch is most commonly associated with fight-or-flight responses, although it also regulates anything that requires energy for movement.
  • Ventral vagal branch - the ventral vagal branch of the ANS allows for and supports social engagement.

In this series of sessions, through drumming, we will explore our innate rhythms as they relate to the states as described by the polyvagal theory. We will explore the wisdom of each of the ANS states so that you can practice presence and working with your innate rhythms to support ANS regulatory capacity.

There will be a different topic each week, as related to the polyvagal theory. The series will include:

  • The rhythms of presence
  • The rhythms of safety and security
  • The rhythms of rest
  • The rhythms of movement
  • The rhythms of relating
  • The rhythms of regulation



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