Welcome to my private practice. I honor you and all that has brought you to this moment of seeking change. It takes courage to recognize that as they are, things are not working and that something else is needed. I celebrate YOU showing up for yourself!

I work with clients who

  • Have never done therapy before or have done a minimal amount of personal work and are beginning to notice painful patterns in their lives that they want to address, resolve, and change
  • Are beginning to recognize that past abuse or trauma is causing problems in their current life
  • Have experienced recent traumatic events such as the loss of a loved one, an accident, or an injury
  • Have done some therapy in the past and are now ready to address things from a deeper level
  • Those who have done quite a bit of personal work and are moving into the next evolution of personal growth

In order to support you in meeting your personal goals, I work holistically and integratively. This means that we will partner together to support you in addressing your goals. I will attend to the innate wisdom of your body, mind, spirit, and soul and draw upon the strengths of each to support your whole person, and invite you to do the same. To accomplish this, I will weave together several therapeutic approaches.


Modalities that may be used in your sessions include:

  • Counseling and talk therapy -

    Speaking out loud and talking through what has been going on in our lives can be both powerful and liberating as it offers personal awareness, authenticity, and clarity. I weave counseling and talk therapy through the work I do with clients.

  • Somatic Experiencing -
    Somatic Experiencing is a body-based trauma healing modality, developed by Peter Levine, that allows you to gently address bodily sensations, emotions, and expressions, to support nervous system regulation. Somatic Experiencing supports the body in orienting to greater ease which becomes an inner resource that allows you to gently process trauma energy with a resource of presence and inner connection. Somatic Experiencing allows the body to discharge trauma energy without having to re-experience the original trauma.
  • Hypnotherapy -

    Hypnotherapy utilizes the power of your subconscious mind to support you in making changes that are in alignment with your goals. I utilize progressive relaxation that allows you to move into an altered state (much like when you are daydreaming), paired with visualizations and affirmations that allow you to realize the changes you desire.

  • Cellular Release Therapy -

    Cellular Release Therapy is a trauma-clearing hypnotherapy technique that was designed by Anne Drucker to clear the accumulated energy and emotion that is held in the nervous system and body that resulted from painful or traumatic events or patterns. Cellular release allows clients to do "clearing" work without having to re-experience (or even remember) the original trauma. Cellular Release is a permission-based modality, which means that permission is asked of the subconscious mind before items are cleared. Individuals who go through the Cellular Release process report feeling lighter, having more clarity, and are less triggered by old emotions or hurts.

  • Gestalt Therapy -

    Gestalt therapy was developed by Fritz Pearls and the word "gestalt" means to move into completion or wholeness. I utilize gestalt therapy to support client's in experiencing their wholeness by acknowledging and expressing their needs and desires, and practicing receiving.

  • Music Therapy Services -

    I am a master's level, board-certified music therapist and offer individual music therapy services, group HealthRhythms drumming programs, and toning meditation experiences. You can find additional information about music therapy here. 



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