Vocal Toning Meditation

Vocal toning utilizes natural vocal sounds, such as humming and/or vocalizing, on the exhalation of the breath. As you tone, your voice's vibration reverberates in your body to enhance your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


Vocal toning does not require that you be a singer or have any musical training. Anyone who can vocalize can participate! The Vocal Toning Meditation allows you to explore your voice's harmonic and dissonant natural vocal sounds within a supportive group context.


In the monthly Vocal Toning Meditation, we will begin with a brief introduction about vocal toning, followed by a grounding exercise. Then we will spend approximately 30 minutes in the toning meditation experience, followed by rest and integrating the meditation. The meditation experience will conclude with a brief sharing and closing inspirational mantra.


The Vocal Toning Meditation will be held once a month on Sunday evening from 7 pm – 8:15 pm at Lawrence Healing Space above Culinaria restaurant.


There will be cushions and chairs for you to sit on. You are welcome to bring a yoga mat and blanket for the rest/integration period of the meditation.


Where: 512 E 9th St., Lawrence, KS 66044, above Culinaria restaurant.

When: 7-8 pm

Cost: $17

Upcoming dates for Vocal Toning Meditation  - we are on a hiatus through the summer of 2023 and will return this fall. Check back for fall dates!